Monday, August 15, 2011

Sterling Silver Anklet Jewelry - The Ultimate Ankle Adornment

In my personal opinion there is nothing more elegant than a fine piece of sterling silver anklet jewelry hugging a woman's ankle. I truly believe that it is simply because of the brilliance and shine that sterling silver emits. The shine it radiates is brighter than any other precious metal known to man. There is just something to be said with no spoken words about a woman that dons such a lovely piece of jewelry to adorn her ankle as she goes through her day.

Gold anklets are nice as well as other materials such as white gold, platinum, beads, and others however for the simple brilliance and shine of  silver there is no comparison. Sterling silver is 92.5 percent pure and the only reason it cannot be 100 percent pure is because silver is very soft so therefore it must be mixed with other metals to give it enough rigidity to be made into jewelry or other things.

Silver jewelry is also becoming very popular as it is a bit more affordable than gold, platinum, diamonds,and other gem stones. There are countless styles and themes for anklets as well and there even exist the possibilities to have custom jewelry made from artisans and jewelry makers.

In short ,the silver anklet jewelry is a piece that can be worn for any occasion by a woman and very well should be as it is a simple, elegant, and classy accessory that no woman should be without. All my best to all who adorn the ankles no matter what style the anklet.

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